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The Quality Policy

The primary goal of our company is the satisfaction of our clients’ needs and expectations.

The Quality Management System ensures the quality of  both products and internal processes with the aim of  constant improvement.


ISO9001 Adriano Cantarelli


Therefore we consider fundamental the following objectives:

  • compliance of our product and services to the requirements specified by the customer;
  • implementation of a quality assurance system aimed at the prevention of non-conformity;
  • systematic improvement and optimization of the organization and management of production processes and, where possible, reduction of resource and material waste;
  • cooperation with the customer in the product and service definition in order to increase customer’s confidence with the result of a mutual exchange of experiences and skills.

In order to provide a significant added value in terms of quality we consider important the following objectives:

  • maintenance of an active and effective quality assurance system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and BRC-IFS;
  • constant controlling of the so-called "indicators" to prevent and remove the causes of reported problems;
  • setting of new goals,  periodical review and adjustment of our quality policy;
  • use of qualified suppliers, able to ensure constant high quality standards in production and evaluation of  them to ensure their respondency;
  • management of the non-conformity of products and services in order to identify the causes and correct them;
  • implementation of continuous and strong awareness-raising activities and training for the internal personnel to ensure the necessary know-how about the Quality System requirements;
  • monitoring of the quality by means of audits, process control, data analysis to ensure that what is specified in the quality policy and documentation is effectively implemented.
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Consorzi e Certificazioni

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Consorzio Grana Padano

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Certificazione CISQ

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Certificato CSQA n°1789

Azeinda certificata IQNet

Certificazione IQNet

Azeinda certificata IQNet

Certificazione BRC

Azeinda certificata IQNet

Certificazione IFS

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