Caseificio Cantarelli Rag. Giuseppe

A long history of more than 80 years

The history of the dairy Cantarelli goes far back in time, until the thirties of the last century in which Antonio Adriano Cantarelli (senior) started the dairy business by establishing the premises in Acquanegra sul Chiese (MN) and began to process milk into Grana Padano cheese; he was one of the first Grana padano producers joining the Consortium for the Preservation of Grana Padano Cheese.

Adriano Cantarelli

The dairy Cantarelli got the first issue of the producer’s identification numbers in the province of Mantua, thus the MN 401 number.
From these old roots and the traditional culture of the Po Valley, the company Cantarelli began to sell its dairy products first to the local market and then to distribute them on the main markets in Italy and abroad.

The core business of the company still remains today as it was at the beginning, in the hands of the Cantarelli family , whose torch passed from senior Antonio Adriano Cantarelli (founder) to his son Giuseppe and his wife Guglielmina and now to his grandson Adriano.
In 1994, Giuseppe Cantarelli and his wife Wilhelmina, with strong entrepreneurial spirit, have embarked on a major restructuring of the company through new and more modern production departments of Grana Padano, including new ageing warehouses and even a department for drawn-curd cheese and ricotta: this expansion opened a new phase for the company's product diversification, which allowed to add to the traditional production of Grana Padano PDO also that of mozzarella and fresh ricotta, widening up new sales opportunities and promoting the company growth.

Genuine Company Evolution

The company obtained in 2003 the UNI EN ISO 9001quality certification, now called 2008 version.
The Dairy Cantarelli operates mainly in Italy,  but is also moving abroad, to Germany, France, Austria and England.
Carefully following the market evolution and trends, the dairy Cantarelli has enlarged its range of Grana Padano products (portioned, grated Grana Padano cheese and Grana Padano flakes) and services related to the hard and aged cheeses, also for the account of third parties; a new packaging centre for Grana Padano DOP  has been recently build with the aim of providing an end-product brand (private label), guaranteed at every production stage till the cheese pre-packaging in various sizes and packaging types following the customer’s needs (vacuum, BDF, thermoformed, grated and flakes).

In full compliance with the European sanitation standards ​​a modern 1500 square meters fully equipped area  has been built and provided with all specific equipments, such as complete packaging lines for  products packed in vacuum and  in modified atmosphere BDF; there are also thermo-molding machines for small Grana Padano slices, cheese portioning machines for fixed weight, production lines for grated  Grana Padano in different sizes and weights.

Thanks to these important investments the Dairy Cantarelli  obtained at the end of 2014 the prestigious quality certification BRC-IFS and so  will establish itself as an extremely modern and dynamic company oriented towards the new realities of the Italian and foreign markets. The objective undertaken in the recent years is to combine the ancient dairy traditions of the family Cantarelli with the innovation of all processes to better follow the constantly evolving and expanding cheese market.

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Consorzi e Certificazioni

Consorzio per la tutela del Formaggio Grana Padano

Consorzio Grana Padano

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Certificato CSQA n°1789

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Certificazione IQNet

Azeinda certificata IQNet

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Azeinda certificata IQNet

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